Asiatech Electronics

We Asiatech electronics is involved designing and making intelligent control and sensing equipments for repelling crop destroying animals. Vast 21 years of experienced hands and, talented engineers promising confidence to farmers for prepare ultimate crops without struggles and damages from wilds. We giving to them any farm security and crop protection technics and methods with in lower worth’s as per their needs. Because our nation is depended on agrarian sector. The development of our country related to growth of our farmers he needs good agriculture lands circumstances, but somewhere he is facing hopeless because the wild animals destroying his yields and dreams. He face difficulties to protect his crops and plants at present !  When our supports helps them to minimize the menace from the wilds.

The Asiatech  farm security systems  assuring ultimate protection from the wilds disturbance. Vast 21 years of our experience enhancing the confident of farmers along wide . our company is giving fail less temporary and permanent farm electric fencing and infrasonic wild repelling methods serving in nation wide. The Asiatech farm security system are very low cost and technically high stated. We ensuring prompt after service for our customers. Wide range of good service facilities and tecnical advises instantly from our engineers, Our quality products made by high life components and technologically robust All our products maintaining international quality and safety standards.

Why did you choosing Asiatech power fence?
  • It is very easy to install in any kinds of geometrically worse area and its giving long period of services
  • Comparatively less material cost and low labour charges favoring you to decide avoid barbed wire fencing and other type of farm security systems.
  • Asiatech electric fencing system giving you almost prevention against theft and robbery without any additional expenses
  • The maintenance expense of Asia tech fencing system is very low cost and can be maintain easily.
  • Less electric power consumptions saving your energy and money you can run  Asia tech electric fencing system with the expense of little bucks.
  • Wide range of qualified technicians providing you instant service and technical advices.