Elephant Scaring Sound Equipments

Elephant Scaring Sound equipments (ESSE) effectively using for scaring away the crop rading elephants from the agriculture field. The growling of tiger and infrasonic sound tectiques adopted in this equipment. Hundres of test conducted in Wayanad wildlife sanctury by the forest officials are the tests find positively to ran away the crop destroying animals within no time

Power Fencing

Manufacturing electric fence equipments, insulators, monitors, condrols and elelectric fence hard ware materials

    • High power energizers,battery chargers and siren units
    • Poly carbon and polyproplyne high dencity high voltage insulators
    • Electric fence fault finders,H.T.level indicators,digetel intruder monitors
    • Remote opareted switches,time search switches,H.T. manual switch gears
    • High tensile ACSR steel wires,galvonised intermediate posts and corner posts, metal clamps and fitxures

Non Conventional Energy & Geo Physical Survey Equipments

Generating thermal and electric energy reproduction.

    • Solar panels
    • Solar water heaters
    • Solar Power Plants
    • Micro hydro electric generators
    • Mine Prospecting
    • Protone Precission Magnetometers
    • Natural VLF detectors
    • Resistivity Meters

Logic Equipments

Wave Guide Security adopters, Infrared sensors, Motion detectors, Photo sensors & vibrating sensors

  • Wave Guide Security adopters
  • Infrared sensors
  • Electric fence fault finders, H T.level indicators, digetel intruder monitors
  • Photo sensors & vibrating sensors
  • Remote measuring and sensing equipnents